What to do when your children are taken away by your spouse REVIEW!


Have you ever encountered the situation whereby your other half do not want to divorce with you yet he or she brought away your children and not allowing you to meet the children?

Knowing that unilateral divorce might take some time as need to attend counselling session fixed by the government (there are some exemptions), and yet you are worrying over the children.

What you can do is that you engage a lawyer to help you to apply a custody order whereby this order will allow the children to come back to you while you have your marriage issues solved.

What are the basis to apply this application?

(a) you must be the guardian of the children before the children taken away
(b) show to the court that the children at all material time you are the one taking care of
(c) show to the court you are in better position to take care of the children in term of time, effort and love
(d) better living environment
(e) you are best candidate. For example, if you are mother for a daughter, you are better to take care of the daughter in term of same sex and puberty period.
(f) the bad record or habit of the other half

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