NG KEE WAY (P.J.K. (NSDK)) LL.B (HONS) (PARTNER) Ng Kee Way graduated from National University of Malaysia with the Bachelor of Law (Hons). He was admitted and registered as an Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya.

Prior setting up the firm, he was attached to Messrs Zaid Ibrahim & Co. He was under Mr. Khoo Kay Peng where he was exposed to a various field of litigation such as banking litigation, corporate litigation, family law, running down cases, probate and administration of the estate, hire purchase dispute and debt recovery.

After that, he attached to Messrs Tunku Amiruddin & K.K Chew. He was under Mr. Chew Kit Keong. He was exposed to the preparation of almost all the banks security documents namely, Facility Agreement, Deed of Assignment, Power of Attorney for the Property without title. He also specialized in the preparation of Facility Agreement & Charge in Form 16A together with Charge Annexure for the property with title.

Later, he joined Messrs Paul, Amy Choong & Associates. He was then handled and defended a lot of criminal cases such as drugs trafficking, murder and so on.

From year 2014, he finally set up his own firm to provide his legal service to the community.



KHOO AI THENG (P.J.K. (NSDK)) LL.B (HONS) (PARTNER)  Khoo Ai Theng was graduated from National University of Malaysia and she was admitted as Advocates & Solicitors of High Court of Malaya. Prior joining Messrs. Ng Kee Way & Co. as a partner, she was attached with Messrs Zaid Ibrahim & Co. under Ms. Lena Leong. She was then exposed to conveyancing matters such as drafting sale and purchase agreement, loan agreement, hire & purchase agreement, charge, discharge of charge, deed of assignment and so on.

Then, she was attached in Messrs Lio & Partners and under guidance Mr. Lio Chee Keong. She was exposed to various field of general litigation including running down cases, land matter, contract matter, corporate litigation, probate, letter of administration, bankruptcy and so on.

Later, she joined Messrs Krishna Dallumah, Manian & Indran. She was under guidance of Mr. Krishna Dallumah. She handled a lot civil litigation case. She joined Messrs Lim, Ho & Co. She was fully entrusted to handle family law matters such as unilateral divorce, custody of children, adoption, legitimacy of children, citizenship and so on.

In year 2014, she was then invited by Mr. Ng Kee Way to join his firm as partner.