Malaysia Arbitration FAQ

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While most of us may have a rough idea about what court proceedings are, not many may be aware of an alternative dispute resolution process known as “arbitration”. While sharing the same objective as court proceedings to solve the dispute, arbitration is a private process that is done without a judge, and can even be […]

Question: The Main Contractor Does Not Want To Pay The Subcontractor Because They Do Not Get The Payment From Developer Or Project Owner, What Is The Right Of Subcontractor?

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The Construction Industry Payment and Adjudication Act 2012 (“CIPAA”) came into force on 15 April 2014. The CIPAA has brought in significant changes to the construction industry. However, like other newly introduced legislation, CIPAA too is facing teething issues and several issues have arisen since it came into force

Fortuna Injunction – To Prevent Abuse Of Winding Up Mechanism

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Winding up proceedings is normally commenced when Notice pursuant to Section 466 of the Companies Act 2016 (“Section 466 Notice”) is served, there is a very strict timeline and the hearing of the winding-up petition is fast. Some companies would employ this way to embarrass the debtor in order to force them into settling the […]

成功争取孩子抚养权7大要素 |《大法律 小智慧》 EP 30

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行动管制期间,我Ke Sana Ke Sini, 被警察扣留逮捕,该怎么办?| 黄律师说 |《大法律 小智慧》EP 29

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大家要知道是说警察扣留他是用来因为要他协助调查那个案件。关多久呢?是看那个法庭给多久的扣留令。警方要在那个扣留令的期限里面调查完这个案件,然后才把他放出去,当然,当然,如果警方能在更加短的时间内调查完,警方也是可以提早把那个人用Jamin Polis释放或者直接提控他上法院。当然不排除如果他在别的警察局有别的涉嫌的案件的话,那个警察局的警察也可以这个时候来现在他被关这个警察局逮捕那个人,把他带到另一个的警察局去。对于他对另外一个案件来进行调查。不排除这一点,如果他在别的地方有涉嫌别的刑事案件的话。

澄清启事 Clarification Notice

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在4个小时前(3时25分),11/5/2020,本专页接获了网民的投报指出我们2个在Youtube的频道(NG KEE WAY & CO. – LEGAL FIRM)和Facebook Page(Messrs. Ng Kee Way & Co. 黄志威律师事务所)上传的影片被 ‘奇趣網’ (盗用,两只影片名称分别为:

行动管制令期间,老板可以减薪和裁员?? 劳工法令大揭秘! |《大法律 小智慧》 EP 27

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人力资源部已发布指令,指示所有雇员在此期间均有权享有全薪,并且老板不得在此问题上强迫雇员利用年假(Annual Leave)。但是根据《劳资关系法》(IRA 1967),每位雇主都有权利和特权以他们认为适合企业健康的最佳方式组织业务。就是说他们还是可以以他们的方式去处理事情的。

大马领养孩子全面攻略| 黄律师说 |《大法律,小智慧》EP 25

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其实马来西亚领养孩子的管道有2种。一种叫国民登记局,JPN的领养。另外一种就去法庭领养。国民登记局的领养时间会比较长。通常会,一定会我们是说一定会超过两年以上。然而那个法庭领养如果顺着普通程序跑,差不多半年之内就可以把整个程序弄完了。OK,他最大的分别就是在于那个JPN就是国民登记局的领养呢,它的领养的那个出生纸,我们俗话会叫做Sijil Anak Angkat。

Monthly Journal (April 2020 – MCO Special Edition)

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On 18th March 2020, Government of Malaysia officially implemented the Movement Control Order (MCO) pursuant to the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act 1988 and the Police Act 1967 to prevent the continued spread of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) whereby effective 18th March 2020 to 31st March 2020, all government and private premises are ordered to be closed, save for premises and/or businesses falling within the ambit of essential services.